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At HOT PT, we are committed to providing the highest-quality care and customer service possible. But don't take it from us; read why customers are so satisfied with our services. 


For almost an entire year I suffered from vertigo. During that time it was extremely difficult for me to even get out of bed when all my life I'd been up and moving before 6 am.  Most days I experienced a nausea feeling and so much dizziness that it prevented me from doing many things that had been a part of my very active lifestyle.  Even though I had been to other Physical Therapists, a Chiropractor, an Audiologist, and multiple Physicians, and taken numerous over-the-counter and prescription medications...none of that helped to alleviate the vertigo.  My Dentist introduced me to Dr. Jacob Brindle and within weeks my vertigo was gone. His treatment was just what I needed!  His professionalism and manner of dealing with me as a patient went far beyond my expectations.  I felt his concern for my well-being from my first telephone conversation.  Whenever I meet or hear from friends that are having problems with vertigo, I immediately share what I experienced and encourage them to take advantage of Dr. Brindle's expertise as soon as they can.  If vertigo ever returns, I will never feel helpless again!

I had vertigo about a year ago.  It was becoming progressively worse and was potentially putting my ability to work at risk.  I'd tried a few maneuvers to get relief to no avail.

Lucky for me, I found Dr. Brindle.  In about 15 minutes of PT, he was able to get the out-of-position otolith to go back into place, and my symptoms were immediately better.

Within 3 days I was completely symptom free.

I can't thank him enough for his services and highly recommend him to my patients.



A few months ago I started having a horrible dizziness that came on in sickening waves.  I had to fight not to throw up.  I could not move and had to keep my eyes closed.  I ran into doors and walls and was afraid of falling.  I mentioned this to my doctor who diagnosed it as vertigo.  I had a procedure done to remove skin tags and had an attack in her office.  Within 3 days she set me up to see Dr. Jacob Brindle.  I had several sessions with him.  By the 3rd session the vertigo was gone.  The exercises he gave me to use have improved my balance.  I feel stronger and am no longer afraid of falling.  I am so grateful to have met this man.  I thought I would have to suffer that horrible waving dizziness the rest of my life as many had told me it was untreatable.  If you are having trouble with dizziness or your balance PLEASE get your doctor to refer you to see this man.  He is wonderful and you will not regret it.


Jacob and Maggie were the absolute best. As a former D1 athlete, I’ve had my share of injuries leading to working with different physical therapist/chiropractors. The sport medicine staff at my university were top notch due to me being a competitor for the school. The staff at HOT PT made me feel as if I was back in college. The attention and emphasis they put on my rehab was above and beyond. It’s obvious they truly care about your progress as an individual. They answer your questions thoroughly and leave you confident without a doubt. They made me excited to go in each session. I pray I don’t get hurt again but if I ever need help...I know where to go. I don’t ever write reviews but they deserve the recognition. I absolutely highly recommend. Thanks HOT PT!


Jacob, Maggie, and Josue were all amazing! They provided individualized attention. I greatly appreciated that their goal for me was not just pain relief, but also whole body wellness and strength. I'd been experiencing terrible back pain, legs numbness, and other uncomfortable symptoms. After a few weeks I was feeling great. Thanks to HOTPT I was able to walk down the aisle to marry the love of my life pain free!


I participate in Jacob's "Legends" fitness class, which meets at 9 a.m. each weekday. I was looking for a strength-building class, and I sure found it. Jacob really puts us through a vigorous workout, but, being a physical therapist, he makes sure we are using correct form, so as not to cause any injury. Most of us are 60+, but this program is helping strengthen those muscles that have been just a bit too idle. Love it!


About a year ago, I started having episodes of terrible dizziness along with migraines.  I went from a very active person to someone who could barely leave the house.  I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine and referred to Dr. Brindle. After the first session I was already feeling better.  He gave me exercises to do and firmly but compassionately pressed me to do them.  Within two weeks I was moving around with much more ease and confidence.  After a couple of months under his care, I am again able to exercise, run errands, and take care of my family.  Before I met Dr. Brindle, I was afraid to leave my home; I didn't know what would trigger a migraine - bright lights, loud noises, certain smells; but with Dr. Brindle's guidance and encouragement I have recovered to a point where I'm fully functional and I am even doing some things that I wasn't able to do before my initial episode.  Dr. Brindle has truly changed my life and I highly recommend him to anyone needing physical or vestibular therapy.

I have had several episodes of vertigo in the past five years.  My recent episode in June lasted about a month and a half ranging from slight to severe episodes. I could not get out of bed without looking straight ahead and moving very slowly.  After two weeks with Dr. Brindle I was able to "retrain" my brain to focus as the world was happening around me and at the same time to improve my balance!  He also taught me the correct current positioning to make my vertigo disappear.  If you are struggling with vertigo, dizziness, or imbalance, ask your doctors to refer you to Dr. Brindle and he will give you the tools and confidence you need to be able to deal with your problems.



Dr. Brindle has a wealth of knowledge and an excitement for treating imbalance and dizziness that flows through in therapy.  He was great to work with and pinpointed my problem and had me back on track quickly.


Very knowledgeable!  Was able to help me overcome vertigo and find an issue the others didn't.  I have damage to the vestibular nerve.  He taught me exercises to help with the issues I have.

I have had migraines and tension headaches for years.  Dr. Brindle has been incredibly helpful in alleviating these, both in finding time to see me and in giving me stretching exercises to help with maintenance at home.  I highly recommend Heart of Texas Physical Therapy!



I had the best experience at Heart of Texas Physical Therapy with Dr. Brindle! I had fallen at work, missed a step, and the impact of the fall threw my head backwards, resulting in severe vertigo. I can't describe how terrible it was to live with that for months! I would have episodes daily. i went to see my PCP who referred me to ENT who told me, I may never recover! I went to see Dr. Brindle and after one session I was cured! I felt amazing; I had a normal life back! One follow up session to teach me how to correct any problems I may have in the future and I was completely cured. He was patient, kind, instructive, and I felt as though he heard me throughout the entire process and genuinely wanted me to get better as much as I did! If you are having any issues, I would definitely recommend him!


Absolutely the BEST!!
Started my therapy thinking I will not get any better...I was wrong!
Dr. Brindle & JOSUE are just the Best! Truly recommend this office they are so energetic make you feel conferrable and they Help with your problem. Glad I was referred to their location, they have truly helped me with my vertigo. I have two more weeks to go and I'm excited for the finally result. God Bless you all for having the passion to help and for all that you do!

Over the years I have been to a number of Physical Therapist. And while I thought they were okay at the time, I realize now how beneficial physical therapy can actually be when done right. Maggie really took time to understand my unique situation and give me exercises to target those problem areas. She was constantly asking me for feedback so she could taylor a plan just for me. She didn't just hand me a canned set of exercises. I never received this level of service anywhere else. I would highly recommend the whole crew at HOT Physical Therapy.



The most amazing doctors. Dr. Bates is awesome and can get you fixed with any issues you have. She fixed my vertigo and my balance issue is such a short time. Haven't felt this good in a while. Thank you Dr. Bates😊


Dr. Jacob Brindle is definitely one of the best therapists I have ever met! His philosophy, knowledge, and commitment to excellent patient care are exceptional. I thank you so much for getting me on the road to recovery with your superb skills in determining the root to the problems and well thought out therapeutic action/care plan. I highly recommend you to everyone!

Dr. Jacob Brindle has really saved my life.  He is very knowledgeable about the body and has great exercises and stretches to solve the body's problems.  He is compassionate and considerate of his patients.  He is a great communicator to his patients.  I think Dr. Brindle is SUPER.



Dr. Brindle is the very best.  I had experience vertigo for months and continuously felt as I was going to pass out.  I was always nauseated to my stomach and could hardly eat.  I had two sessions and I felt 60% better.  I was able to work without worrying about falling or passing out.  I've been able to enjoy life outside and with family.  I have my normal life back Thanks to Dr. Brindle.  Dr.Brindle listened and understood exactly what I was going through.  Why many thought I was crazy Dr. Brindle let me know it was a true diagnosis.  I was shown how to do exercises to retrain my brain and stop the dizziness and nauseated feeling.  Jacob Brindle is truly an amazing therapist that I'm very thankful for.  Six sessions I felt awesome.  I know it an blessing from GOD.  If you suffer from imbalance, dizziness, vertigo or just need therapy Dr. Brindle is the one.  Caring, patience, understanding and very helpful.


Dr. Brindle and the PTA, Josue are not your typical PT Dr. and PTA. They specialize in treating you and not giving you "the treatment" as I have experienced before.

I won't lie, I went in kicking and screaming because I had a bad taste in my mouth and felt it would be a waste of time.

Since I have been working with Heart Of Texas Physical Therapy I have learned more about my physical self and how my body operates than I can explain in a review. I can only say that I am happy to finally be under the care of a PT Dr. that works with me and doesn't stick me on a bike and have me stretch bands in the corner, while he paces the room. This one-on-one therapy is dedicated to just "me" as the patient. I don't share my hour with 5 others vying for assistance and instructions as to what to do next.

If ever you need a PT, ask your doctor for the referral here..... You will be glad you did.

Because of the great care I received at Heart of Texas Physical Therapy I feel great. With his innovative approach to vestibular physical therapy Dr. Brindle gave me lifelong tools that will help me improve daily. Thank you so much. I will be recommending your office to anyone dealing with inner ear issues.



I was diagnosed with vertigo 10 years ago. It has interfered with a lot of aspects of my life, but the worst part, for me, has always been that I get dizzy turning over in bed. After one session with Jacob, there was such a marked difference. I can actually tilt my head without getting dizzy. I walk steadier, I feel more in control of my body. Best part of all, no dizziness turning over in bed. This has been the best experience, and I'm so thankful for Jacob helping me lead a life that holds no fear of falling because my world turns over.


Hands down one of the top physical therapists in town.  Dr. Brindle has been a God sent for my patients who experience vertigo and balance issues.  Each and every one has sung his praises.  His attention to detail and courteous bedside manner is beyond exceptional.  I trust him not only with my patients health, but also my own.  I depend on Dr. Brindle to keep my neck and back pain free so I can perform at my highest potential.  If you have any physical therapy needs, give Dr. Brindle a call.

Jacob really understands vestibular issues.  I suffered for three months with post-concussion vertigo and balance issues after a serious car crash.  Most of the issues cleared after one visit and the rest did over the next few visits.  Who knew this could be dealt with so quickly!



Dr. Brindle took this 71 year old Vietnam Vet and literally changed my life.  I've spent years suffering with pain from a sciatica diagnosis.  I've been told that nothing short of surgery would correct my problem.  I was in constant pain and walked with a serious limp.  After seeing Dr. Brindle for two one hour visits my pain was almost gone and I was able to walk without limping for periods of time.  Now after seven one hour sessions I no longer have pain and I am able to enjoy life as I once knew it. Dr. Brindle will challenge you with his designed, especially for you, workouts.  He will personally guide you through them.  He is one of a kind and a real professional.


Jacob and Maggie really helped me get back on my feet after my accident. When I started l did not think I would be able to walk without a cane, but with their help I'm walking with out it now. I highly recommend their services. 😀😀😀

I walked into H.O.T. Physical Therapy with pain, tingling, and an 80% decrease in strength in my left shoulder, arm and hand. Within 6 weeks the pain and tingling had gone away completely plus I've regained all my original strength. All this with NO drugs!

Also, Dr. Brindle showed me how to strengthen areas of my back and shoulders that I had been neglecting with conventional workout methods. Following his professional advice has made me stronger than I have ever been.

I wasn't treated by Dr. Maggie, but while speaking to her during my visits. I can assure you, she is as competent a doctor and as compassionate towards her patients as Dr. Jacob Brindle.

Jacob and Maggie are VERY VETERAN FRIENDLY!!!



Great experience, the Doctors really care about getting you better not just getting your insurance money. They provide one on one care with a Dr for your entire appointment.


I have spent a lot of time observing Dr. Brindle as a student volunteer this summer. He is highly motivated and a true expert in every sense of the word. Be prepared to work hard, but this is a man who loves his job and makes therapy fun. After observing multiple therapy practices in a variety of settings, I’ve come to understand the unfortunate reality of the modern day corporate healthcare system: oftentimes, money is the foremost priority. This is absolutely NOT the case with Dr. Brindle's practice. Rather than chasing dollars, he prides himself in being at the top of his field and providing the highest quality of care available. He wants to maximize patient outcomes as quickly as possible, and owning his own practice allows him to dictate the best course of action on a patient-to-patient basis. One of the things I respect most about him is that he truly cares about upholding strong ethics in the workplace. Doing things the right way matters to him. This next statement may seem trivial to some, but it’s an important one: you will never see him making notes on his computer while working with a patient. He makes sure to give you his undivided attention each and every session. It’s things like that which he takes pride in, even if it means he has to spend hours upon hours filling out paperwork long after he has finished seeing patients for the day. Here’s the bottom line: if you’re looking for a friendly, straight-forward, result-driven therapist who genuinely cares for the well-being of the patients and community he serves, then this is your guy.

I am going to agree with all the reviews that have already been stated. Dr. Brindle is the absolute best. My story starts about 3 years ago when I experienced back issues and my options were presented to me in this order...Pain management (shots-12 total a session- 3 sessions total)....Physical Therapy. Those methods did provide temporarily relief but the ultimate relief was surgery (in my case). The surgery was a spinal fusion of my L4 through S1...6 screws and 2 rods (was a success). The surgery was July of 2017. Lets fast forward to July 2018 were my L3 disc ruptured and I went under the knife again (actually 5 surgeries in 2 years). This surgery went totally sideways. During the surgery my nerve was torn (twice) due to scar tissue that developed from my previous surgery and I was leaking spinal fluid. I was basically in the hospital for 29 days and 19 of those days were in a coma and in ICU. After all said and done I had to basically learn how to walk while redeveloping leg strength. The reason for the background story is that my job demands that I be in good physical shape to perform my job. I was in my opinion, in a very good athletic state to the previous surgeries. I ran, rowed, biked and lifted weights. Dr. Brindle presented realistic goals and shot me straight and stated that I will be back to my old self, with hard work and a positive mindset. His positive attitude, his determination to push...even when you want to quit, he presents the end result of the session will be rewarding. He sits and talks and shows compassion and takes the time to listen, really listen to what you have to say. I have a saying that I am 99.9% back. I will never ever be 100%. The reason for that is, I am not the way the Good Lord made me, I am altered. Dr. Brindle has made me 99.9%



I was able to start to believe in myself again to make myself stronger. As a new mom I had to realize I had better start listening to my body and take care of it. Dr. Brindle was able to get my neck impingement issues and lower back issues calmed down. Due to his PT expertise coupled with his Olympic style weights and core stability strengthening I am set in the right direction! Aka he fixed me...then made me work hard.. really hard!!! Core stability doesn’t just happen as he says you have to work for it everyday.


I was having difficulty with my balance in general.  During exercise class I was experiencing greater balance problems.  I have a history of vertigo.  I attended a presentation of Dr. Brindle, went for a free evaluation and began therapy for an inner ear problem or vestibular dysfunction.  After 3 weeks of therapy I am more steady when walking and my balance has improved during my exercise classes.  I'm pleased with the results.

It's a wonderful place to go. He is very helpful and genuinely cares about his patients.



I have fallen six times and never done any damage. Just unstable on my feet. I have stopped going on cruises and other trips. Then I heard about Dr Brindle. He has worked wonders with my stability and self confidence. My son and a number of others have commented on how much better I am walking. It is almost a miracle.


Nice guy. Is really helping with the mobility after my shoulder surgery.

Exceptional results from Dr Brindle in his treatment of my vertigo & dizziness.  Very knowledgeable in vestibular rehab.  Highly recommend this therapist for this treatment and any of your other physical therapy needs.



He is the best, Jacob takes his job very serious, he cure you, in no time, if u need any therapy physically, call him, tell your doctor to refer u.


Yes, he is the best!!  He helped me so much with my vertigo & dizziness & balance issues, i would recommend him to anyone as a great physical therapist!

I was referred to Dr.Brindle, due to my dizziness, neck pain and balance.  l am very satisfied with the attention and the physical therapy that he has provided for me.



Jacob is wonderful.  He really cares for his patients.  He is the best.  Thank you Jacob for being there for me...


I lived with shoulder pain for well over a year.  I simply made daily life work which had been difficult especially with having very young children who frequently just love being picked up.  I met Dr. Brindle and after working with me for a few sessions I have already started back to working out-which is a service his business offers as well.  If you are considering surgery or even going to a chiropractor for a small adjustment I would highly recommend giving Dr. Brindle a call first.  It could save you a ton of money/time/pain etc.

I have had the pleasure to observe Dr. Jacob Brindle at Heart of Texas Physical Therapy as he was with his patients.  His expertise allows him to accurately understand and diagnosis patients.  He does an excellent job explaining to people in a clear, simple manner what their issue is and how it can be treated.  In addition, I have seen how patients have drastically improved physically after doing therapy with Dr. Brindle.  He is the only Physical Therapist in the area who is certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation.  Therefore, he is able to effectively treat patients suffering from dizziness, vertigo and other Vestibular disorders in a way that other medical professionals in Waco are unable to do.



I have suffered with imbalance and vertigo for several years.  I heard Dr. Brindle speak at a meeting I attended.  I decided that my husband and I could benefit by seeing Dr. Brindle.  After several sessions with him I could again walk without feeling like I was going to fall.  I do not stumble around any longer.  I appreciate Dr. Brindle because he is very patient with us and seems to understand the problem especially because we are elderly.  I had been to other doctors and he is the one who knew what my problem is.


3 visits so far and I'm super excited about the direction I'm headed.   Thank you, Dr. JB.  You rock!!

Dr. Brindle is absolutely incredible.  I have had dizziness for years; he cured it in about 1 week.  And it never came back!  And now, he is working on my lower back, which affects my hip and leg.  So far, it is much better.  I could not recommend him more.  He is very effective.



Before seeing Dr. Brindle, I had suffered from dizziness for five weeks.  Two therapy sessions found me able to walk a straight line, and after eight sessions the dizziness had cleared completely, and my balance had improved 100%.  I give him a 5 star plus.


Going on my 4th week with HOTPT and I love it!  I was at Bear physical medicine, but I wasn't getting the personal care I needed to heal.  I’m already seeing improvement in my back pain and concussion symptoms!!  I would 100% recommend this physical therapist to everyone.

I went to Dr. Jacob Brindle for therapy on my neck and symptoms of vertigo.  The therapy worked great.  After 8 treatments I haven't had any more dizziness or pain.  The visits were very enjoyable and he was very knowledgeable about his treatment.  I highly recommend him.  If you need help go see him.  I promise you won't be disappointed.



Llegue a Texas con un nervio pinchado, la cual ni en RD ni en NY.  Me hacieron nada para aliviarme el dolor y los horribles calambres.  Hasta que me trato el Dr. Jacob.  Estoy muchisimo mejor.  Agradecida,Gracias.


I have had vertigo for a number of years, thanks to Dr. Brindle I am free from the imbalance problem and no longer suffer from vertigo.​

Dr. Brindle helped me with my vertigo, dizziness, and an added bonus, my balance!  Awesome therapist and I recommend him to anyone with issues or just needing a boost to begin being a more confident you!  Thank you for being so very good at your specialty Doc!



Dr Jacob Brindle is excellent.  I went in with vertigo and Dr Brindle was very patient with me and with his help I am free of the symptoms.  I am ever so grateful to Dr Brindle for his cure of my vertigo without medication.  I am looking forward to working with Dr Brindle on removing my back and hip pain in the coming weeks.


I was able to start to believe in myself again to make myself stronger.  As a new mom I had to realize I had better start listening to my body and take care of it.  Dr. Brindle was able to get my neck impingement issues and lower back issues calmed down.  Due to his PT expertise coupled with his Olympic style weights and core stability strengthening has set me on a path for success!  Aka he fixed me...then made me work hard.. really hard!!!  Core stability doesn’t just happen as he says you have to work for it everyday.

Jacob was very knowledgeable and was able to help where chiropractors and other physicians couldn't.  Physical Therapy isn't necessarily fun, but when you're hurting, it's necessary!  The one-on-one attention and variety of helpful training and advice he was able to give was practical, easy to incorporate into my life, and best of all it worked!



Dr. Brindle helped my mother with her vertigo.  She has suffered with balance issues for years and he has helped her not only with her balance issues but motivated her in other areas.  Even though she is elderly, he gave her the confidence to realize she could maintain her progress.  He really took the time to answer all of her questions and gave her safe and effective exercises she can do at home.  He is so knowledgable and the love he has for his profession shows in everything he does.


Dr. Brindle has been instrumental in helping me get my life back after a back injury!  His extensive knowledge of the back, spine, and nervous system, and his caring and compassionate bedside manner makes him exceptional in his field.  I have learned so much about strengthening my core and preventing future injury from Dr. Brindle.  I am thankful to him for his help in my recovery, as he has been such a blessing!  I highly recommend him and his physical therapy clinic!

Dr Brindle has been great and a blessing to my life since i came to see him.  I thank the Lord for my Doctor to send me to his clinic where i have seen a great change in my condition.  If anyone asks me i would recommend they come to him because he has been a great help to my physical condtion of vertigo and he would be able to help them as well.  Its a terrible sickness to deal with.



Dr. Brindle is the best Physical Therapist I have seen in years.  His goal is to condition your body beyond injury.  After 9 sessions that included challenging, but excellent strength training workouts, I've felt stronger and more capable doing normal daily activities (like moving furniture around my house) that used to cause me discomfort.  Each session is one on one with Dr. Brindle so you get the kind of undivided attention you deserve from a medical professional instead of being pawned off to an assistant or intern.  Jacob also offers personal training and medical massage therapy at his practice.  If you have an injury that has been bothering you I highly recommend you schedule an appointment!


I thought Dr Brindle was awesome.  He knows physical therapy.  I loved meeting him and working with him.  He helped me with my vertigo.  I love Dr Brindle, he is kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable about his type of physical therapy.  I had vertigo and he helped me with it, I'm going to go see him for my back pain.  Go see him for what hurts you.

I think this is the best physical therapy you can find.  I have gone to doctors and chiropractors for lack of mobility and pain in my left leg and I thought it was something I was going have issues with for the rest of my life.  Within a couple of months Dr. Brindle helped my pain subside almost completely and gave me ways to help at home.  He is a doctor who genuinely cares about his patients and the community and it is completely evident in his approach.  Would recommend to any of my friends or family.



I'm writing on behalf of my mother Johnnie Mae Ford who was a patient of Dr. Jacob Brindle for 6 weeks.  She is very thankful for the help and support exercises you gave her for her Vertigo.  She is very happy with Dr Jacob Brindle and the service she received there and she greatly appreciated the Dr and staff and will recommend this office to other people that suffer from Vertigo and Dizziness.


He is the best that i have seen so far that helps with my vertigo, my dizziness, and my balance and i think that if you have these problems HE'S THE BEST.  See him as soon as you can!  Ask your Doctor for Dr Brindle.

Awesome physical therapist.  Unlike other physical therapist I’ve seen, he spends the entire appointment focused on your treatment.  You’re not passed off to an assistant or tech.  He explains everything that he does and why.  My pain has decreased and range of motion has increased.



Heart of Texas Physical Therapy has been amazing in helping me to regain my independence and get back to living my life the way I want to.  Thank you so much for finding and fixing the cause of my dizziness and vertigo.



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