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Vestibular Disorders

The Vestibular System or "Inner Ear" is comprised primarily of three semi-circular canals, two vestibular organs named the Utricle and Saccule, and the Vestibular Nerve that relays information from the Vestibular System to the Brain for processing and integration.  Within the semi-circular canals is fluid that spins based on the rotation of the head and responds to rotational acceleration.  Within the Utricle and Saccule is a sticky, gelatinous layer that has many microscopic "crystals" called otoconia attached to the layer and responds to linear acceleration.  These structures exist bilaterally in each ear and provide a large amount of information to the brain as to the position and movement of the head in space and allows the brain to coordinate your vision and balance based on that information so that your vision can remain focused at all times regardless of head movement or position.

The Vestibular System or "Inner Ear" is only about the size of your little finger nail and is extraordinarily intricate and delicate.


The structures of the Vestibular System are very susceptible to damage from bacterial and viral infections which don't necessarily have to originate in the inner ear.  It is very common for illnesses such as colds and the Flu, URI's (Upper Respiratory Infections), and UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) to cause secondary damage to the canals and nerves of the Vestibular System which lead to degeneration over time.


Age related changes such as decreased blood flow, poor oxygenation, high blood pressure, and many others contribute to deterioration over time and function of the Vestibular System worsens.


Injury from head trauma can very easily cause physical damage as well to the delicate inner ear structures.  Over time the damage and degeneration adds up until the brain is no longer able to compensate for the gradual loss of vestibular function and you begin to experience symptoms: VERTIGO, DIZZINESS, DYSEQUILIBRIUM, MOTION SICKNESS, VISUAL CHANGES, NAUSEA, IMBALANCE.


These symptoms will only worsen with time as further degenerative changes occur unless you address the underlying dysfunction with Physical Therapy that is designed to train the brain to dynamically "compensate" for the loss of Vestibular System function without using medication that only masks the symptoms.


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